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This is an attempt to present many of the Adenium cultivars we grow (and some we have stopped growing) in a systematic fashion. The Cultivar Catalog consists of two parts: the Cultivar Index and Individual Cultivar Pages accessed from this Index.

The Cultivar Index shows thumbnails of all the cultivars with their names- click on any thumbnail to open up its Individual Cultivar Page to get detailed description with pictures. Once you open up a detailed Individual Cultivar Page you can navigate to details of other cultivars through the navigation arrows or using the search box.

All pictures are copyrighted and reproduction in any form without express permission is forbidden.


Each cultivar is described in detail under the following headings:


Details of the flower are of prime importance for most Adenium cultivars and are presented under the following heads:

  • Flower Size: The subjective description will depend not on absolute size but relative to what one can expect from that particular group of Adeniums: thus one expects small flowers for A. somalense var. crispum flowers so one that would be average for A. obesum would be listed as large for crispum hybrids. I also mention the largest flower size actually measured for this particular hybrid under my conditions, to give some subjective idea of the flower size.

  • Flower Form: I prefer a full, well rounded flower with overlapping petals and consider this as good form. That is, unless the basic form is star shaped in which case it is judged accordingly. I also take into consideration how well the form holds etc

  • Flower Color: this is the color of the main petals and right now I will stick to a basic description. I hope to get the RHS color chart soon and make more specific color identifications.

  • Throat: Adeniums have distinctly different throat color and this is inherited separately from the petal color. I mention some information about the throat as it is often important either because it is a contributor to the beauty of the flower (e.g. pure white throat contrasting with a deep red petal color) or because it is an aid to cultivar identification.

  • Comments: overall comments regarding the flower aspects of the cultivar including how floriferous it is etc.


This is an often neglected aspect of the cultivar and an important characteristic in determining overall attractiveness of the selection. We discuss it under the following:

  • Plant Form: primarily its growth habit, whether compact, rank or otherwise.

  • Leaves: particularly important with variegated cultivars but even with green ones it is an important contributor to overall plant perception.

  • Comments: overall comments regarding the plant, its growth, horticultural characteristics etc

Overall Rating:

This heading describes the quality level of the cultivar with respect to:

  • The Collector: here I try and decide how interesting the cultivar is from the view point of the collector. It therefore emphasizes points that would be of interest to specialist growers or to people who care about what cultivar they are growing etc. Eventually a numerical rating system with a "Collectors Top 20" or similar will be worked out.

  • Floriculture: Adeniums are relatively new as mass market flowering pot plants. This is, however, changing and with some effort and luck we should be able to have the price/quality equations as well as the volume worked out. Here we evaluate each cultivar for its potential for this kind of floriculture application. Only actual trial will tell just how well a cultivar does in each market but certainly the criteria that are important for this application are quite different from those that would appeal to collectors.


    I add whatever little I know about the cultivars breeding behavior. For most selections this box will remain blank for a long time as it needs extensive experience with individual cultivars to know their breeding behavior.


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