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Size Medium
Form Good form.
Colour Deep red petals with darker markings along the edges.
Throat White
Comments A good red but does not seem to be very floriferous so far. When in bloom it is a striking plant as the dark red flowers are displayed against the grey foliage.
Form Relatively compact growth.
Leaves Broad leaves are grey with white markings, especially along the edges. Sometimes gives a highly variegated branch.
Other Over all an attractive plant especially because of its superior flowers.
Overall Conclusions
Collector A valuable addition to the range of variegated Adeniums, possibly the one with the darkest red flowers.
Floriculture Will be a while before we have enough stock to try it out as a floriculture crop but this one may be accepted more than most variegates because it presents as a grey foliaged plant with a bonus of deep red flowers.
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