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Size Above average
Form Normal form, relatively full petals, fully open flowers.
Colour Pure white with no tinge of pink at any stage.
Throat Greenish cream
Comments Very floriferous hybrid, gives a mass of color. Flowers long lasting. Mild fragrance in newly opened flowers.
Form Somewhat compact growth
Leaves Relatively small, deep green smooth leaves.
Other Excellent growth characteristics, branches well after pruning.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Though lacking the appeal of the large flowered whites such as White Lotus Star, it is an outstanding white with the added interest of mild fragrance. One of the best white flowered Adeniums overall.
Floriculture Exceptional pot plant: floriferous; good flower substance; compact branching growth; smooth, deep green well proportioned leaves. To date the best white Adenium for pot plant use, will replace the current standard white Pra Pa Phan.
Sets seed easily but with small seed pods- we await the results as the seedlings are still too young to flower.
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