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Size Medium
Form Good form- well rounded flower which is unusual for a picotee, most of which are star form.
Colour Almost white flower with a deep red border. The flower opens with a bit of a flush which clears with age to give an almost white background color.
Throat Cream-White with deep red lines reminiscent of A. somalense.
Comments A picotee with relatively large, round and full flowers. Blooms heavily in winter & spring and sporadically through the year.
Form Fast, some what rank grower that needs to be kept in check.
Leaves Broad deep green leaves. The basic clone has some variably variegated material mixed in (a chimera) which gives the occasional variegated shoot (in fact two types of variegation).
Other Could be better in its vegetative characteristics but is acceptable if growth is kept in check with judicious feeding and pruning.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Picotee Adeniums are practically unknown in the general trade and this is outstanding for its round, full form flowers. It is one of the top three picotee Adeniums.
Floriculture Vigorous growth means rapid multiplication and the deep green broad leaves add to the appeal as a pot plant. We will try it out but it may not be as good as the other picotee Adeniums- Noble Concubine and Light of Sun & Moon.
Does set seed.
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