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Size Small
Form Good form with broad overlapping petals.
Colour Pinkish red with almost a flat color, lacking the shading of most Adenium flowers.
Throat Light cream with no markings.
Comments This plant is not very floriferous and the flowers are of little importance.
Form Normal growth form.
Leaves Spoon shaped, smooth leaves with brilliant yellow and green variegation. The variegation varies with season and plant nutrition.
Other At its best the variegation is bright and eye catching but it is not always so. Part of it is probably seasonal but better nutrition will help as well as lots of light. A slow grower.
Overall Conclusions
Collector This is an unusual Adenium in that its variegation is gold rather than cream or grey. The overall effect is superb and the fact that vegetative growth is slow means it will always be scarce. A desirable addition to any collection, especially those interested in variegates.
Floriculture This one is too slow to be useful- in addition, variegates in general seem unacceptable as pot plants in many places.
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