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Size Small
Form Mediocre form with thin petals.
Colour Light pink.
Throat Cream
Comments This is a clone of Adenium arabicum, which means winter flowers. This is a particularly poor bloomer and we rarely see flowers on it even in winter.
Form Relatively compact growth.
Leaves Broad, softly hairy leaves are a buttercup yellow under good growing conditions. The color is clear and clean and it is a surprise that the plant grows at all.
Other Outstanding cultivar stands out amongst all other Adeniums. Must be treated almost as a foliage plant with considerable shade and good nutrition.
Overall Conclusions
Collector During a trip to Bangkok, while traveling to Chatuchak I wondered when we would see a golden leaf mutant of Adenium (having seen one of Bougainvillea the day before). I remember this vividly because at Chatuchak that very day I saw this brilliant cultivar and though high priced, I bought it. A collector’s gem, its slow growth ensures that it will remain a much sought after plant for a long time to come. Even in Bangkok it is a rare find.
Floriculture Too slow to ever be a commercial item; I doubt if the general public would appreciate it.
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