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Size Large
Form Excellent with broad overlapping petals. Wide open, flat faced flower.
Colour Deep, rich red with dark overtones when newly opened.
Throat Light cream with faint red lines, contrasting with the deep red of the petals.
Comments In my opinion, one of the finest red Adeniums. Different from the normal dark red Adeniums in having a richer red color. This one is also rather floriferous with the flowers holding form and color very well with age.
Form Normal growth pattern.
Leaves Normal smooth green leaves.
Other Foliage and general growth is good.
Overall Conclusions
Collector One of the best reds and one that is a must for collectors. A good option for incorporating into a breeding program for reds in view of its flower longevity, non fading nature and resistance to petal edge burn.
Floriculture It will be a while before we have enough stock of this but it will be a premium red and in time, likely to replace most of the current reds we use.
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