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Size Small
Form Below average with narrow petals.
Colour Pure white.
Throat Greenish cream.
Comments Small flowers of poor form so why grow this one? It makes up for these shortcomings by being very floriferous and giving masses of white flowers.
Form Very compact growth.
Leaves Small, thick and softly furry leaves.
Other Plants are compact, small leaved and yet robust.
Overall Conclusions
Collector When I was first told of this white flowered Adenium, I flew to Singapore to get a plant- it was such a big deal then! Since then there have been a lot of new, much superior whites but this one is special for its compactness and small leaves. Itís a pure albino- even its seed has a white papus.
Floriculture We are using this for pot plant use- its compactness serves it well in this role.
Despite being an albino with absolutely no red pigment its F1 seedlings with regular Adeniums are all normal sp the white is recessive.
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