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Size Large flowers.
Form Excellent form with broad, overlapping petals.
Colour Pink flowers but with a richness to the tone and lustrous petal texture. In many ways the qualities of the flower are difficult to describe but a pink flowered Adenium must be very superior to be grown for so long.
Throat Cream with red nectar trails becoming more prominent with age.
Comments This is a very superior pink selection that has stood the test of time.
Form Slightly more compact than average if fed moderately.
Leaves Medium large, deep green smooth leaves complement the flowers.
Other Overall growth is controlled with attractive foliage. The deep green of the foliage stands out.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Probably the pink against which others must be judged. The large flower size, freshness of the pink color and the slight pearlescent petal texture is a unique combination.
Floriculture Would make a good pot plant because of its outstanding flowers contrasting with truly deep green foliage. Slow growth is restricting large scale propagation.
Does set seed but so far the progeny are not superior to this parent. As with many pinks and reds, selection criteria must now be set higher and many of these are not too obvious in the short term.
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