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Size Large
Form Excellent with broad overlapping petals. Wide open, flat faced flower. The photo on left shows an odd flower with six petals.
Colour Pure, pristine white.
Throat Pure white with short, clumped anther tails.
Comments Beautiful, pure white clone of Adenium swazicum. The problem is that it is not very floriferous and is disease prone.
Form Normal growth pattern.
Leaves Typical A. swazicum type leaves- long, narrow grayish green hirsute leaves partly folded along the midrib.
Other This clone is particularly susceptible to spider mite infestation. We have to make a point of pruning back plants hard once a year to remove all green growth.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Interesting pure white clone- I wonder if it is the same as the one pictured in Graf’s Tropica.
Floriculture Not of any floriculture interest.
Several attempts to use this as a seed and pollen parent have failed.
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