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Size Generally small.
Form Variable because this is a seed grown cultivar. It is generally quite good.
Colour Pink-red.
Throat Characteristically wide open, cream colored.
Comments A genetic dwarf characterized, in its flowers, by small size and quite distinctive color pattern.
Form Extremely compact with hardly any internode space. Heavy branching is characteristic.
Leaves Smooth green but very twisted leaves, hence the name Ramís Horn. Often the midrib is thick, white and prominent with other veins also visible.
Other Plants are, inevitably, slow growing. The contorted, tight growth means increased susceptibility to rotting and pests. We try and water plants by hand, avoiding the foliage.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Super interesting clone- breeds true from seed. We crossed it with normal Adeniums and got all tall plants in F1. Crossing the seedlings for F2 gave a proportion of Khao Kae type seedlings, some very compact but normal and some absolutely regular ones.
Floriculture Too slow growing, even if we were able to get enough seeds of this clone. The plants also require more than average care because of the extremely compact growth.
This is definitely a genetic dwarf and could be used to get very compact hybrids in the future.
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