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Size Large
Form Excellent full form.
Colour Pure pristine white.
Throat Greenish cream.
Comments Exceptional white- very floriferous, blooming all year with lots of flowers. Another interesting fact is that this is Adenium can take some shade and still flower.
Form Normal growth with maybe a little tendency to stretch.
Leaves Medium sized leaves are green and smooth but with a tendency towards chlorosis.
Other The major shortcoming of this variety is the poor foliage form and color- the leaves are too yellow green.
Overall Conclusions
Collector A landmark white, it created a sensation in Bangkok when first released and made a fortune for Ms. Pra Pa Phan- when I first visited her in the late 90ís there was a pick up and a new Toyota parked outside her very modest house outside Bangkok. A must have, for all whites must beat this one to be selected.
Floriculture The default white in commercial production- it wins because of the ease of flowering and all year color. It does need to be replaced with better whites with more compact growth and better foliage: Fragrant Star is a possible option.
Gives white or nearly white flowers with some specific white hybrids.
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