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Size Small
Form Poor form with narrow petals.
Colour A peculiar lilac pink: itís difficult to describe the color but it is different from that of any other Adenium.
Throat White
Comments Though it is a very unique color, the poor form and the fact that the plant flowers only sporadically mean that this cultivar is not grown for its flowers- they are a bonus.
Form Compact grower, branches well.
Leaves The medium sized, smooth leaves have a very special pattern of variegation: when growing vigorously they start out pure white and then slowly get flecked green. The green content increases till lower down the plant the older leaves are almost all green.
Other The result of this peculiar pattern is that the plant, when well grown, looks like a green plant topped with snow- hence the name Mt. Fuji. Despite the heavy variegation the plant is a robust and healthy grower.
Overall Conclusions
Collector There are very few plants of any kind that show this extent of white variegation. One of the finest collector items. Needs to be pruned annually to show the best color.
Floriculture We are well prepared with stock of this cultivar but the preliminary response from European growers is that the green flecked leaves look too much like spider mite infestation (which is true) for the layman to accept this plant. We are conducting preliminary trials with it to see if this is true.
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