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Size Medium large
Form Above average form with broad petals.
Colour Reddish pink with a white flush in the centre.
Throat Cream with a kind of glow.
Comments If you see a plant with a few flowers, it is difficult to recognize the potential of this cultivar. Seen when grown well, it has large clusters of flowers which stand out for their bright, clear color and the eye catching deep cream central zone of each flower. Extremely floriferous cultivar.
Form Normal grower, maybe a bit slow.
Leaves Medium sized leaves are good green, softly furry.
Other Nothing special about the plant form but nothing negative either- the leaves are nice and small. Because it flowers so profusely it needs to be fed well and pruned after a round of flower display to build up its strength for the next one.
Overall Conclusions
Collector This cultivar illustrates why it is so difficult to select out good Adeniums when the flower is in the pink-red range. This is a spectacular cultivar but a selector would know this only after growing it for a while. There are very few Adeniums, of any color, that are more eye catching than this one in full bloom.
Floriculture This is an old standard cultivar with most commercial growers and has stood the test of time. It is difficult to replace this one as many seedlings with similar flowers donít put up this massive display or the flowers though similar, are not quite as eye catching. The only negative is the slow growth making propagation difficult.
Give seedlings with similar flowers quite easily.
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