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Size Large
Form Poor. The star shaped flowers are too floppy, at least in our heat.
Colour Deep pink, relatively flat color without any shading.
Throat Pink with purplish color deep down and short, clumped anther tails- typical A. swazicum hybrid.
Comments A new A. swazicum hybrid, the flowers though large, are too floppy- it might be better under cool conditions.
Form Rapid grower needs some control to prevent rank growth.
Leaves Leaves long yet quite broad, hairy and folded some what along the mid rib.
Other Typical plant form and leaves of a new generation A. swazicum hybrid. Does not seem extra susceptible to spider mites.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Interesting A. swazicum hybrid: an example of what to avoid when selecting new plants for naming and release. The flowers are too floppy. May be a good parent since there are many excellent seedlings with this as a parent in Taiwan.
Floriculture Possible floriculture material in that it is a nice green plant with lots of flowers which do provide color. However, there are several similar but much superior options, such as Pink Girlfriend which we are building up for floriculture use.
In Taiwan there are several seedlings selected with Lucky as one parent. In fact there is more than a little confusion in this group because of this.
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