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Size Medium
Form Average
Colour Can range from deep red to red heavily streaked with white, hence the name Waterfall. Flowers are red in summer when growth is strongest and get more streaked in winter. In heavily affected flowers the petals may be ragged.
Throat Cream
Comments In my opinion this is a red, possibly originating in Taiwan, that exhibits streaking as a symptom of an infection by a virus or other infectious agent. We have stopped growing it and destroyed our stocks.
Form Normal
Leaves Normal green leaves, smooth. As far as I remember, it does not show any leaf symptoms of virus infection.
Other Surprising that the leaves are normal while the flowers are streaked.
Overall Conclusions
Collector I would suggest extreme caution with this cultivar. We have come across other, different, cultivars from Taiwan which exhibit similar flowers.
Floriculture We buried all our plants several years ago.
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