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Size Large
Form Good form with broad petals on a basically star form flower.
Colour Deep reddish pink.
Throat Cream throat with short, clumped anther tails lying in the tube.
Comments A good, vigorous new selection. We are still in the stock build up stage. It seems floriferous but does not have large flower clusters- this could be due to slow flower opening or more likely, a short flower life.
Form Plants are vigorous growers and tend to stretch if not controlled with judicious feed and pruning.
Leaves Long, narrow slightly folded fuzzy leaves characteristic of A. swazicum.
Other Attractive plant with nice foliage. Needs to be kept in check.
Overall Conclusions
Collector A new A. swazicum hybrid from Thailand with attractive flowers.
Floriculture It is still too early to tell whether it is suitable as a mass pot plant.
Has not set seed pods so far.
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