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Size Below average.
Form Average form.
Colour Reddish pink.
Throat Light cream.
Comments Typical, average A. obesum flowers, maybe a bit brighter pink than usual.
Form Average growth.
Leaves The leaves are somewhat narrow, smooth and deep, almost bluish green. The variegation is variable but often prominent, ivory to light green. Heavily variegated leaves have a monstrose look due to distortion of the leaf blade.
Other This plant needs to be watched for reversion: we donít have enough experience with it but it would seem to give quite a lot of green growth. Heavy annual pruning would be a good idea.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Very odd variegation, some what monstrose- possibly a chimera. For a collector of variegates it has special appeal. The bluish green leaves contrast strongly with the ivory variegation.
Floriculture Definitely not floriculture material.
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