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Size Medium
Form Above average.
Colour Reddish pink, normal A. obesum type flowers.
Throat Cream
Comments Average flowers can be considered a bonus in this highly variegated plant- it is more floriferous than many such variegates.
Form Compact growth with short internodes and good branching.
Leaves Medium sized oval leaves are softly hairy. The leaves are heavily variegated with light green and cream. New growth in underfed plants is pink tinged, especially in cool weather.
Other Overall the best variegated Adenium- compact growth and lots of color. The flowers are an added bonus. The seed pods are variegated too.
Overall Conclusions
Collector One of the oldest and still the best variegate. In itself it is as bright as the best variegated foliage plants.
Floriculture Makes a spectacular pot plant, even when grown as a foliage plant. The flowers, which contrast strongly with the leaves, add to the attraction. We have tried this cultivar in Europe and await customer reaction.
Sets seed but seedlings are normal.
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