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Size Medium by Crispum standards.
Form Below average form.
Colour Light pink with red venation.
Throat Yellowish cream.
Comments A Crispum hybrid with bright, heavily veined flowers. We do not have enough experience with this one to evaluate it further.
Form Compact growth.
Leaves Leaves are narrow and elongated.
Other The main USP of this cultivar seems to be its really compact growth pattern.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Adenium somalense var. crispum is still a relatively new input amongst Adenium hybrids and new ones are coming thick and fast, especially in Taiwan. This cultivar is one of the early releases and only time will tell if it will last. In my preliminary opinion, it is going to be replaced eventually by better hybrids.
Floriculture May be interesting as a pot plant due to compact growth and unusual (for Adeniums) veined flowers. Even if new, superior material is available, the lead time required to build up commercial quantities will give this one several years of life if successful initially.
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