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Size Medium-Large
Form Excellent form with broad, overlapping petals.
Colour Deep pink with a magenta tone.
Throat Deep purple with short, clumped anther tails.
Comments Exceptional selection in every way, by far the most floriferous Adenium at Tropica Nursery. Blooms all year.
Form Relatively compact growth, especially under good light conditions when the prolific bloom keeps vegetative growth in check.
Leaves Leaves typical of A. swazicum hybrids: narrow, long and slightly folded along mid rib. Hirsute.
Other Overall plant form is very good, easily branching and with attractive foliage. Unlike most A. swazicum hybrids, this one is not susceptible to spider mite infestation.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Though not released yet, this hybrid certainly sets the standard for all Adenium hybrids grown for their flowers. When available it would be a must for any collector.
Floriculture Finest Adenium for commercial pot plant use. If trials in Europe show it to be as good there as it is in our conditions this cultivar will be patented and protected before commercial release.
Very rarely sets small seed pods with a few seeds.
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