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Size Average
Form Average form.
Colour Typical A. obesum reddish pink.
Throat Cream
Comments Nothing special about the flowers nor is the plant particularly floriferous.
Form Normal to slightly tall grower.
Leaves Medium sized, smooth leaves are variably variegated. New growth under good conditions is a bright cream with deep green mottling. Often though, foliage is green with very slight white mottling.
Other Very eye catching when foliage color is good. Annual pruning and good cultivation brings out this color.
Overall Conclusions
Collector One of the early Adeniums with mottled variegation, certainly a plant for the collector who can keep it in good health and give it enough care to grow it to potential. One of the many Thai cultivars that are no longer seen there.
Floriculture Not useful as a pot plant- apart from the difficulty in maintaining foliage color, mottled foliage is not accepted in the general pot plant trade.
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