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Size Large
Form Excellent to start with, slowly becomes a bit distorted with age.
Colour Opens a deep, rich red with blackish overtones. Fades some what to a dull, slightly “chalky” red.
Throat Bright cream contrasting strongly with the petals.
Comments A red with really distinctive flower: very full form, good color and quite floriferous. The downside is the fading of flowers with age- this is acceptable under normal conditions but is exaggerated under hot summer temperatures.
Form Normal to slightly tall grower.
Leaves Medium large, oval deep green and smooth.
Other A strong grower with few problems.
Overall Conclusions
Collector One of the more distinctive reds: grow it for the really full form flowers and deep color as well as the unique shade of the older blooms. May be interesting for a red breeding program.
Floriculture Stock levels are too low right now to use it but it certainly is a potential red for pot plant use- large flowers combined with attractive foliage.
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