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Size Medium
Form Average form at best.
Colour Purplish red, fading significantly with age, especially under hot conditions.
Throat Cream with red lines- a marker for A. somalense parentage somewhere in its past.
Comments Introduced a few years ago, this one is characterized by the deep color in the newly opened flowers. The fading with age is heat related and a common feature of almost all purples.
Form Rapid grower like all purples with long internode spaces. This one is in fact better than most.
Leaves Medium-large deep green leaves, slightly cupped with white veins- again these are characteristic of purple flowered Adeniums.
Other One of the Adeniums that requires to be kept in check. Maximum light, moderate nutrition levels and annual pruning will keep it in shape and also promote flowering.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Slightly different among purple flowered Adeniums, this one is a good addition to the range and may also be used in a breeding program to add intensity to the color. None of the purples are up to the mark as yet and a lot needs to be done with this group.
Floriculture The relatively loose growing habit means that it is a difficult plant for someone unfamiliar with Adeniums to care for- we would not like to use it for commercial pot plant production.
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