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Size Medium-large.
Form Decent form, especially for a purple flowered Adenium.
Colour Lavender pink is the best description I can give right now. The color is unique not only in its shade but also in its clarity- it does not have the muddiness that other purple flowered Adeniums tend to show. Flowers fade substantially- the photo above shows the full range of flower colors from opening to old age.
Throat Cream throat typical of A. obesum, in sharp contrast to other purples, all of which seem to have the A. somalense characteristic of red lines in the throat.
Comments In my opinion one of the best and most unique of the purple flowered Adeniums. Flowers quite well, especially in winter/spring
Form A rapid and rather tall grower but not as bad as many purples.
Leaves Regular A. obesum leaves- medium sized, green and smooth. Again, here too it is different from the other purples.
Other Easier to keep in check than other purples.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Outstanding cultivar with large, clear lavender flowers in large clusters. An old Thai selection now seems to be lost in cultivation there. Itís really special because it seems to be from a different genetic background than the other purples, a very significant issue for breeders.
Floriculture A possible item for pots use, the flower color being different and pleasant enough to warrant its inclusion in a range for the general pot plant market.
We have used it for our breeding program with some very interesting results so far.
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