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Size I have rarely seen an open flower on this cultivar- mostly aborts as buds.
Colour The buds are red externally but not as strong a red as one would expect, looking at its leaves.
Comments This is one Adenium thatís not grown for its flowers!
Form Very compact with short internodes and a tendency towards soft, green, succulent growth.
Leaves The small to medium leaves are smooth and vary in color from a red tinged green to a deep burgundy.
Other Compact, bushy grower is best kept in full sun and under fed to bring out the color. A little extra nitrogen and the leaves become greener.
Overall Conclusions
Collector A most unusual Adenium with an unusual story too! A must have for any collection.
Floriculture We are trying this cultivar but slow growth makes it uneconomical on a large scale as compared to regular green cultivars. We wait to see the response from the market.
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