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Size Medium
Form Good form in what is basically a star shaped flower.
Colour Flowers open white with a pink cast and a carmine border. Soon the cast clears to give a pure white flower with a strongly contrasting border- a true picotee.
Throat Cream
Comments Spectacular when in full bloom. Likes to be pruned at the end of summer to induce the massive flowering which can last for weeks. Blooms intermittently through the year but does not make this display unless pruned back hard.
Form A loose, rank grower, especially if fed too much.
Leaves Medium sized, smooth dull green leaves are usually cupped- one of the few negatives of this cultivar.
Other Must be kept in check but this is easy with annual pruning.
Overall Conclusions
Collector This is one of the most spectacular Adeniums I know of and an absolute must have for any collector. It would figure in my Top10 Adeniums. I donít know if this one has A. multiflorum in its parentage but the flowers do resemble that species in color and form.
Floriculture For the regular pot plant trade, a Noble Concubine in full bloom would be a hard to resist item. We are building up stock to release this item in the future.
Gives picotee offspring but so far none are better than Noble Concubine.
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