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Size Large.
Form Superb, classic form- under cool conditions this form is held for a long time.
Colour Flowers are a standard A. obesum pink, though a particularly clear shade.
Throat Cream
Comments Its main USP is its outstanding form- very few Adeniums can match it even though many are bigger. The plant flowers all year and is rather floriferous.
Form Definitely a rank grower for us but is better under cooler conditions.
Leaves Medium- large, smooth deep green leaves are particularly attractive and act as perfect back drop to the flowers.
Other We like to keep it in check with low nitrogen and regular pruning but in trials in Europe it seems to be better behaved and the deep green foliage is a definite attraction.
Overall Conclusions
Collector There are no better pink flowered Adeniums, the basic, quintessential A. obesum. In addition the flower size is good and the plant bears them freely.
Floriculture In our pot plant trials the deep green foliage is outstanding, making this cultivar leap out from other on the bench. The flowers retain their perfect form well under cool conditions.
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