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Size Medium large
Form Excellent: the most outstanding characteristic is the number of petals- never less than six and up to 8 in each flower (photo on right), giving a very full appearance.
Colour A soft, strawberry pink with a deep pink line running through each petal. The flower becomes some what lighter with age.
Throat Cream with faint red lines which continue onto the petals. The anther tails are short, fuzzy and semi clumped.
Comments Most unusual flower because of the extra petals. The plant is very floriferous too. My impression is that this is a complex hybrid involving A. obesum, A. swazicum and A. somalense var. crispum.
Form Normal to slightly compact.
Leaves Relatively narrow, bluish gray leaves with visible white veins.
Other An easy to grow, robust cultivar but may be a bit slow growing, partly because itís compact and partly because itís so floriferous.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Many Adenium cultivars occasionally produce flowers with six (and sometimes four) petals. The former is common in summer while the latter may be a sign of a weak plant. I bought this seedling because I liked the flowers- the six petals in the flower were, I was sure, transitory. It didnít turn out that way and this plant has never given a flower with five petals and often the count is seven or eight. Is this a first step towards true double flowered Adeniums?A true collectorís item and an exclusive from us.
Floriculture The overall plant form, flower color and form make this a very suitable item for pot plant use but it will be a long time before we have enough stock of this to be able to release it as such.
I would love to see what I get from this but havenít been able to set seed on it yet- we are too busy propagating it.
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