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Size Large
Form Good form with star shape.
Colour Deep pink with a different tone (also seen with the normal Rassami Gn). The border starts as a zone of lighter pink and slowly becomes more prominent.
Throat Cream throat becomes flushed pink with age.
Comments Very similar in many ways to the regular Rassami Gn, it differs in having larger flowers and other subtle ways.
Form Compact grower.
Leaves Medium- large, smooth deep green leaves like regular A. obesum.
Other Itís these normal leaves which most distinguish it from the regular Rassami Gn which has long, narrow leaves which are distinctly bluish green.
Overall Conclusions
Collector For those interested in patterned flowers and breeding, this is an additional cultivar to work with. Other wise it is too similar to Rassami Gn to bother.
Floriculture Both, this one and the regular Rassami Gn are nice plants but pale as pot plants compared to Daeng Siam, which is an exceptional cultivar for bordered flowers.
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