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Size Medium
Form Average form.
Colour Typical A. obesum reddish pink. The peculiar thing about this cultivar is the pattern that emerges slowly as the flower ages. For us the pattern seems to be formed by the drying out of selective areas of the petals but in Thai photographs it seemed like the color had changed to form the pattern.
Throat Cream throat becomes flushed with light pink with age.
Comments Very unique if not a particularly attractive cultivar. It is possible that the pattern is determined in its form and intensity by the temperature and humidity conditions of the growing area and is sometimes absent.
Form Typical A. obesum.
Leaves Typical A. obesum.
Other Nothing special in the vegetative plant at all.
Overall Conclusions
Collector If you want something unique, this fits the bill. Surprisingly, the pattern is inherited- the photo on the right is a seedling of the original. It does open up possibilities for the future. One more Thai cultivar that does not seem to be grown in Thailand anymore.
Floriculture Of no use whatsoever as a flowering pot plant.
Does set seed and at least some of the seedlings exhibit a drying pattern similar to the parent.
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