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Size Small
Form Above average form- basically star shaped flower.
Colour Light pink flowers with reddish pink border. The border color diffuses into the petal centre, reducing the contrast.
Throat Light cream throat with prominent red lines.
Comments This cultivar stops short of being spectacular because of the lack of strong contrast in the flower border and because, though floriferous, it cannot compare with a selection like Noble Concubine.
Form Normal growth but with the capacity to get out of hand if kept shaded or fed too much.
Leaves Medium- large leaves are green with depressed veins and slightly wavy margins- itís quite easy to spot this one from the leaves when not in bloom.
Other Keep controlled with judicious feeds, lots of light and annual pruning.
Overall Conclusions
Collector A good item, not seen in Thailand for a long time. Adds to the list of Picotee Adeniums and is from a different gene pool. The picotee effect though not stark, is definitely evident and may be used for further breeding.
Floriculture The foliage is attractive and the plant flowers quite profusely when pruned. We are building up stock for commercial trials.
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