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Size Large
Form Excellent form, especially for an A. swazicum hybrid. Basic star form flowers but with broad, overlapping petals.
Colour The flowers open deep reddish pink and slowly fade to a solid reddish pink: the fading detracts little from the flower attractiveness. (Its difficult to classify this color-could be classified as a red hybrid too)
Throat Pink with a deep magenta region deep down the throat- an A. swazicum characteristic. Anther tails just coming out of the throat, loosely clumped.
Comments One of the best new complex A. swazicum hybrids- superb flower size and form, bright clear color and a highly floriferous plant.
Form Very good plant form with relatively compact growth.
Leaves Medium large yet well proportioned leaves are grayish green and mildly hirsute. Though the A. swazicum parentage is obvious, because of its complex parentage the leaves are broader and open faced.
Other Overall compact growth and good foliage add to an already impressive flower display. Does not seem susceptible to spider mites.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Outstanding A. swazicum hybrid, one against which all future hybrids must be compared. A must have for all collectors and breeders.
Floriculture Exceptional choice as a pot plant. Compact, well branched plants with attractive foliage will bloom in 10cm and larger pots, giving lots of color. This one is definitely in my Top 20 for pot plant use.
We havenít seen any pods set on this one but havenít tried hand pollination yet; all our material is being used for rapid multiplication.
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