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Size Medium
Form Good form- star shaped flower with broad petals.
Colour Bright pink with distinct white star at the centre.
Throat Cream throat. The cream flows out onto the petals to form the star. Deep down some purplish coloration and the short anther tails point to an A. swazicum heritage.
Comments Pretty, floriferous cultivar which is quite new on the scene.
Form Slightly more compact than the usual.
Leaves Medium sized leaves are broad, deep green and slightly hairy. They are also quite open- all pointing to a complex hybrid with only a small A. swazicum influence.
Other Does well, with strong healthy growth.
Overall Conclusions
Collector An interesting new cultivar, one of the best star patterned Adeniums overall. The fact that it has some A. swazicum influence may make it more floriferous- itís too early to tell.
Floriculture Over all impression is good, the flowers bright and eye catching and the leaves bright green and attractive. We are propagating it for release as a flowering pot plant.
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