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Size Medium-large.
Form Superb- broad, slightly frilled petals overlap to give a full, round flower.
Colour Soft pastel pink with peach overtones- the color is soft, clear and exceptionally attractive.
Throat Brownish pink throat with deeper color lower down. The anther tails are short and clumped.
Comments Very floriferous cultivar with large flowers puts up a fantastic show. Flowers all year.
Form Vigorous cultivar but can be kept in check.
Leaves Medium sized leaves, though they show A. swazicum inheritance, are still relatively broad, open and hirsute.
Other Attractive vegetative growth can get out of hand if plant does not bloom due to low light or high nitrogen levels. In a normally blooming plant the massive flowering effort keeps the plant in check. Not susceptible to spider mites.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Fantastic new cultivar, outstanding in almost every way. This is an example of what Adeniums are capable of and the potential of A. swazicum hybrids once we get past the basic primary crosses and their selections.
Floriculture Once we have enough material I am sure this one is going to make a bang on the pot plant scene. One of those Adeniums that can hold their own against any flowering pot plant. Will definitely be a part of my Top 20 Adeniums for floriculture use.
Can set seeds.
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