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Size Medium-large
Form Good form.
Colour Bright deep pink flowers- the pink here is distinct though difficult to define. The flowers open with a mildly shaded border which slowly becomes lighter and ends up a distinct light pink feathering in contrast to the darker base color.
Throat Cream. Anther tails loose and coming out of the throat.
Comments Bears flowers regularly all through the year.
Form Compact and slow grower.
Leaves Very distinctive, long, narrow bluish green leaves. These vegetative traits are passed on to its offspring.
Other One of the more slowly growing Adeniums- remains compact on its own.
Overall Conclusions
Collector To my knowledge this is one of the first Adeniums with light colored borders. The dark petal color accentuates the border. It may be the parent of the current crop of bordered Adeniums like Daeng Siam and constitutes important genetic and breeding material. This choice cultivar is no longer to be seen in Thailand.
Floriculture Too slow for this use and there are better options, the most obvious being Daeng Siam.
Its offspring often have borders but additionally, it passes on a shade of red-pink not available in other Adeniums.
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