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Size Medium
Form Good form but could be better.
Colour Deep, rich, velvety red- outstanding red color with little or no fading with age.
Throat Almost pure white throat in strong contrast to the petals.
Comments Outstanding hybrid- what it lacks in flower size it makes up by producing pretty large clusters of flowers. The one down side to this one is a common characteristic of reds: the tendency to hold onto spent flowers and especially the calyces. These should be removed to get a cleaner look.
Form Regular grower.
Leaves Deep green, smooth medium sized leaves.
Other Nothing notable in the vegetative growth but it does seem a bit slow.
Overall Conclusions
Collector One of the better reds from Taiwan, unusual in several ways: medium sized flowers in good sized clusters; non fading flowers; little or no “black” to the other wise deep red flowers. Most Taiwanese breeders select for large, blackish red flowers- this one seems to have slipped through!
Floriculture We have too little material to try it out for general pot plant use but it would seem a very good prospect: in fact there are few if any other reds which present with clusters of flowers: this kind of color impact is more important in floriculture applications than having great individual flowers.
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