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Size Medium
Form Above average with broad but not overlapping petals.
Colour Deep pinkish red- the red color is accentuated in cool weather.
Throat Lighter pink with some purple deep down the tube. As with all A. swazicum offspring, the anther tails are short and clumped in the throat.
Comments An extremely floriferous cultivar- though newer A. swazicum hybrids have bigger or darker red flowers this one is still a top performer overall.
Form Relatively compact growth.
Leaves Narrow, long grayish green foliage is hirsute and folded along the midrib.
Other Needs only biannual pruning to keep in shape.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Though its not as red as many A. swazicum hybrids it is nevertheless an extremely superior hybrid, making up for moderate flower size with very many flowers over a long period of time. A very good collector’s item, far superior to the general Swazicum crosses in the market and exclusively to Tropica Nursery.
Floriculture It makes a great pot plant, due to compact habit and massive flower display. The color is bright and attractive, especially red in cool weather.
Does set seed and is also a good pollen parent. Second generation crosses are very variable and hold a lot of promise.
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