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Size Medium-large.
Form Good form with broad petals.
Colour Dark, rich red. The color is practically flat with little or no shading.
Throat White throat contrasting strongly with the petals. The way the petal color dips into the white throat is characteristic. With age some red lines develop in the throat.
Comments The best of the “Daeng Taiwan” clones, very floriferous and with a bright red that fades little with age.
Form Normal growth pattern, maybe a bit tall.
Leaves Medium large, smooth green leaves.
Other Nothing outstanding about the vegetative characteristics of this cultivar.
Overall Conclusions
Collector One of the better large flowered reds from Taiwan, notable for the bright yet deep red, rather stable color and the contrasting white throat with petal color seeping into it.
Floriculture Should make a good pot plant- even though flowers are quite large they are in decent sized clusters.
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