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Size Medium-large
Form Average with narrow petals.
Colour The buds open almost pure white and slowly blush with pink. With age they become medium pink.
Throat The throat starts out white and then mimics the petals to turn pink with age. The flower tube is long.
Comments One of the “Changeables” where flowers open one color and slowly change to another. Plants are reasonable floriferous.
Form Regular growth pattern; may be a bit lanky.
Leaves Medium sized, smooth green leaves.
Other Can get out of hand if allowed to: control growth with proper feed and pruning.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Interesting for its changing color and the degree of this change. Not too many Adeniums start out pure white and end up so pink
Floriculture Rapid propagation allows us to try this cultivar as a pot plant: we hope the color difference in the flowers will be special and eye catching.
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