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SG 42

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Size Medium (by Crispum standards)
Form Excellent- full overlapping petals with relatively little or no quilling.
Colour Bright red with white central zone surrounding the throat. The red is splashed and streaked with darker red.
Throat Cream with prominent red lines, very characteristic of A. somalense.
Comments Easily one of the finest Crispum hybrids- in addition to its interesting color pattern it also has particularly good form. The plant is also floriferous.
Form Relatively compact growth, another good feature it seems to have inherited from its Crispum parent.
Leaves Narrow, smooth green leaves, not very Crispum in character.
Other Over all an exceptional hybrid.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Landmark A. somalense crispum hybrid, not in the trade. Unlike a lot of hybrids, the flower is relatively subtly marked but the overall effect is superb.
Floriculture This one should definitely be a winner as a flowering pot plant but its going to be a while before we have sufficient stock to release it in large quantities.
We have used it as a pollen parent and await the results.
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