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Size Medium large
Form Excellent- broad, overlapping petals with frilled border.
Colour Almost pure white with the slightest pink blush with age and an extremely subtle light pink border.
Throat Greenish yellow without any lines- slowly blushes pink.
Comments Outstanding, super floriferous selection- it flowers so much that itís difficult to get a lot of vegetative material for propagation. The pink border is too soft to classify it as a picotee.
Form Compact growth, partly because of short internodes and partly because vegetative growth is constantly interrupted by flowering.
Leaves Normal sized green leaves.
Other The foliage leaves a little to be desired-it has a tendency towards chlorosis.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Superb hybrid, occasionally available and a must for any collection.
Floriculture Would make a great pot plant but stock levels are too low for release in bulk.
Gives interesting offspring with a tendency towards picotee flowers.
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