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Size Medium
Form Good
Colour Very different and difficult to describe: the base color is pink but it is tinged or sprinkled with brown- thatís the best I can do with the description.
Throat Again the brownish tone on an overall cream throat.
Comments Overall, a most odd cultivar, very distinctive- not very beautiful or even pretty but surely unique. Not very floriferous, with mostly winter flowering.
Form Growth is a bit lanky with internodes longer than normal.
Leaves Large, slightly cupped and green with reddish tinge. The new growth is distinctly brownish red.
Other The foliage is even more distinctive than the flower and we can always identify a stray plant by its foliage.
Overall Conclusions
Collector I feel this is a mutant, just as the purple flowered Adeniums are but nothing has been done with it as yet. I picked it up from a Thai collector in the 90ís and have never seen it there again- a lot of Adeniums were lost when interest waned there in the late 90ís and this is one of them.
Floriculture Not a good choice for general pot plant use.
So far we havenít done much with it- it does set seed and has viable pollen. Seedlings from it have flowered with some interesting material but nothing truly spectacular as yet. I do feel that there is some special potential here.
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