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Size Variable, can be above average and huge in relation to the size of the plant.
Form Variable but generally good.
Colour Very variable- I have seen almost the complete range of colors seen in A. obesum in different Taiwan Dwarf clones, including an outstanding picotee.
Comments This genetic dwarf cultivar is distinct from Khao Kae (of Thai origin) in having normal to large size flowers. Khao Kae typically has small flowers.
Form Growth is typically extremely compact with strong basal branching but lacking the excessive distorted growth and very heavy basal branching of Khao Kae.
Leaves Variable but within normal range. They are normal shaped, not twisted as in Khao Kae.
Other Most Taiwan dwarfs are more normal in plant form and look like very compact forms of the species.
Overall Conclusions
Collector This is the better of the two genetic dwarfs in many ways, not least because it can have big flowers: the photo on the left shows a plant with the flower bunch almost as big as the rest of the plant-at certain angles the plant is hidden by them! The range of flowers and the fact that it comes true from seed (for the compactness trait) mean seedlings are a good collector’s item. It also remains compact after grafting but of course the form is lost.
Floriculture Seed is too scarce to be commercial on a large scale. Grafting material is also too slow to be viable for large scale production but its may be possible to work out crosses with regular Adeniums to get most of the dwarf character.
Sets seed with considerable difficulty.
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