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Size Medium-large
Form Excellent.
Colour Deep, rich red with darker almost black shading in newly opened flowers.
Throat White with the slightest hints of red lines.
Comments An exceptional new clone we got from Taiwan. It seems identical in most respects to Arrogant but we are not sure yet. If there is one difference, it is that the flowers are slightly smaller and borne more to a bunch but this may be a cultural effect.
Form Growth is robust and vigorous but can be controlled with judicious feeding etc.
Leaves Large, thick deep green and smooth. They seem smaller than the big leaves of Arrogant but this may be because we are pruning the Tender plants a lot, leading to heavy branching.
Other Very attractive vegetative growth, with smooth deep green leaves.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Whether this proves the same as Arrogant or not, it is a very superior red, probably the best red in general circulation.
Floriculture We are rapidly building up stock for commercial release in a couple of years.
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