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Size Medium-large
Form Good
Colour Medium red with a distinctive shading pattern of deeper red on the petals. Rassami = radiation
Throat Pure white- we have a similar, older selection (Daeng Sathorn Tsaeng) distinguished most easily from Tsaeng Rassami by the lines in its throat.
Comments An old, standby Thai red and one of the best. It is extremely floriferous and is one of the few Adeniums to bloom under considerable shade. Its one negative is flower fading under hot conditions. Another odd thing is the way it gives fully double flowers as a reaction to mealy bug infestation of the inflorescence.
Form Growth is moderate, with some stretching if in shade.
Leaves Medium sized leaves are green with soft fuzz (leaves of Sathorn Tsaeng are smooth).
Other Normal growth with decent foliage, prune annually if in shade.
Overall Conclusions
Collector An important landmark in red Adeniums, the red being of a different shade and quality from the Taiwan ones. A must for any collector, not because itís rare but since it is a standard to compare other reds with and a great Adenium in its own right.
Floriculture With us as with most other commercial producers this is the main red Adenium produced in bulk. I particularly like its ability to flower in some shade.
Gives some very good reds but not consistently deep red ones. The radiation pattern is often present and conspicuous.
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