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Size Medium
Form Good
Colour Deep, bright red with a central white to cream region (itís too amorphous to call it a pattern) creating a strong contrast.
Throat Cream with red lines that slowly become darker with flower age. Anther tails are short and barely reach the mouth of the tube.
Comments A very eye catching, highly floriferous clone- its chief attraction being the contrast of the light centre of the flower with the deep red of the petals. (In this it is similar to Laong Thong). It bears flowers in large bunches and creates quite a show.
Form Compact grower.
Leaves Small to medium sized, slightly thick leaves with visible veins.
Other The small leaves and compact growth give a small package which flowers extravagantly in large clusters. Itís a good idea to feed and prune the plant after the display to allow it to build up strength for the next show.
Overall Conclusions
Collector A second example (after Laong Thong) of how an Adenium with an intrinsically simple flower can make a strong impact when the blooms are seen en masse.
Floriculture Great flowering pot plant, the compact stature adding to its appeal. We are building up stock of this item.
We have crossed it with Laong Thong and got very similar flowers but not better than either.
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