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Size Large
Form Above average but could be better.
Colour Deep scarlet red- the color in the photo on right is more representative of the real thing- the one on the left has a slight blue cast. The centre of the flower is adorned by a contrasting white star.
Throat White, with the white flowing out onto the petals in the form of a distinct star.
Comments A very superior selection for star pattern with larger, deeper colored flowers than Laong Dao. Not very floriferous for us so far.
Form Normal grower.
Leaves Regular sized leaves.
Other Relatively ordinary vegetative growth.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Rather new and outstanding star form flower, certainly several notches higher than the competition. A selection that will lead to better hybrids in the future.
Floriculture We are trying this one out as a pot plant and at the same time building up stock- the only down side seems to be the lack of regular flowering, so far.
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