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Size Large
Form Very good form- broad overlapping petals. I feel that the flower form on this sport may be a bit superior to the normal Black General flower. Petals have a distinct ridge.
Colour Deep red flowers.
Throat White
Comments Though classified as a variegate, this one probably has better flower form and is more floriferous than the normal Black General.
Form Good plant form with relatively compact growth.
Leaves Large leaves are grey green with thin white border. Occasional growths have a reverse variegation with almost white leaves with some central grey-green.
Other Though a variegate, the overall look is one of grey green foliage with contrasting red flowers.
Overall Conclusions
Collector An exceptional variegated sport with great flowers- the occasional highly variegated branch will not survive on its own but add interest to this already great selection.
Floriculture Once we have enough stock this will be added to our line of pot plant Adeniums. The grey foliage is very distinctive and the flowers are great. How well it will be received remains to be seen- at least in Europe the average customer perceives variegation as a disease or malnutrition.
This one is a sport and will not come true from seed. We havenít seen it set seed anyway.
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