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1000ís RED & PURPLE

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Size Average. Largest flower size:
Form Good form, relatively full petals, flowers fully open.
Colour Deep red, with distinct purplish coloration along petal edges especially on young flowers.
Throat Red
Comments A reasonably floriferous hybrid with distinctive flowers in large clusters. The red fades some what with age, especially in the heat but the purplish coloration is very prominent.
Form Normal growth pattern.
Leaves More open than most A. swazicum hybrids, probably due to a more complex parentage. Slightly tomentose.
Other Good growth characteristics but we donít have enough experience with this for detailed comments.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Very distinctive, new generation A. swazicum hybrid; the purplish coloration is stronger than in most other similar Adeniums. Overall an outstanding collector item.
Floriculture Not enough experience to recommend it but seems interesting- plants can be kept compact, flowers are in good sized clusters and the color eye catching and new.
Definitely sets good sized seed pods but progeny has not flowered yet.
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